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Last year, in the early hours of June 12th, a lone gunman entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Less than an hour later, 49 people were dead, and 53 wounded.

I had just arrived at the Kenyon Playwrights Conference, where I met a powerful, engaged group of friends and colleagues. For a few days, we wandered around in a daze, seeking ways to talk about it, not talk about it, wish it would go away. But of course, that was impossible. We still need to talk about it, until it never happens again.

After a few months of struggling with how to give these hard-working, interesting, funny and valuable humans a voice, I reached out to a few fellow Kenyon writers, to see if they’d be interested in helping me write The Pulse Project.

Together, we created a piece we’re staging as a reading at Judson Church in New York on June 11th, with all proceeds going to Gays Against Guns. (I’ll be posting pix, invites and other stuff related to our performances as they unfold.)

We wanted to reach out to other, similarly minded theatre companies, to see if they’d be interested in staging their own readings of the work during Pride and beyond – for the ones we lost, for this issue, and for anyone still healing from violence. So far, as have more than a dozen producing partners, with more to come.

We think Gays Against Guns said it best,  “[We work] to ensure safety for all individuals, particularly vulnerable communities such as people of color, LGBTQ people, religious minorities, and their significant overlap.”

To that end, we’re offering The Pulse Project royalty-free for a limited time, with one caveat: All proceeds derived from the work must be donated to Gays Against Guns.

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